How to Support Terminally Ill Loved Ones

How to Support Terminally Ill Loved Ones

Despite caring for your loved ones with serious illness for some time, it is still devastating to hear of a terminal diagnosis. It may be hard to take a grip on this new reality. It is now that your loved ones need your support more than ever. A Hospice in Chicago lists a few ways you can support your loved ones throughout:

  • Ask what they want
    Everyone will react differently and have their own preferences. They may choose to stay at home or receive Hospice Care Services in a facility. Ask them if they want assistance with financial, legal, or healthcare paper works.
  • Create a wish list
    Is there a person they want to see or talk to? Are there places they would like to visit? Would they like to attend to a special occasion? If they can’t travel, then bring them to places through photos and videos or start a video chat with loved ones far away.
  • Respect their sense of dignity
    Their privacy and sense of self should be respected. Even when they appear to be asleep or unconscious, acknowledge or include them in conversations. Your loved one may still be able to hear you.
  • Share memories
    Take the time to talk to your loved one about some of your favorite memories together. You can ask for compassionate services in Illinois to help you create a life journal or a legacy video of stories that are precious to them.

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