The Rights of Hospice Care Patients

The Rights of Hospice Care Patients

As required by federal law, all individuals receiving hospice care services have the right to be informed as a patient. This is called “informed consent” wherein patients are fully lectured before they receive healthcare services and which can also help them in case difficulties arise. The information provided enables the patients to determine what type of care they need and what the options of compassionate services in Illinois are available.

As a patient, a Hospice in Chicago makes sure that you are well-informed of your rights and responsibilities, have the freedom to choose your care provider, receive a timely response to your requests for service and continuity of care, be immediately advised of any changes in the care plan before changes are made, are able to voice grievances, feedback, and suggestions about the services or staff without discrimination or fear of restraint, and more.

Palliative Care in Yorkville, Illinois encourages patients to participate in the decision-making process in formulating the care plan and planning its changes. They also have the right to refuse to receive services and be advised of the consequences once they do so.

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