How Can You Support a Friend in Hospice Care

How Can You Support a Friend in Hospice Care

When a person is prescribed to receive Hospice Care Services, it will be because their condition is already terminal. Their doctor’s prognosis puts their life at countdown. To hear this announcement can be very emotionally devastating to the patient.

If this patient is your friend, then your support can be very greatly needed not only for your friend but also for their family.

As a provider of quality Hospice in Aurora, here are some recommendations for you to manage:

  • Strive for Normalcy
    Even when your heart is broken with the news, strive to treat your friend as normally as possible. Greet them and talk to them like you would before the diagnosis. This sense of normalcy is uplifting for someone who’s been told that their end is getting near.
  • Be Present
    Your physical presence can be a real comfort for your loved one even when you don’t say a thing. In most cases, these situations can also leave us with no words to say. However, your presence is going to be a great comfort already.
  • Mind Your Words
    While it can be tempting to say something comforting, it may turn out insensitive for our friend. Whenever you feel the need to say something, be mindful of what you’re going to say. Exercise empathy and mindfulness.
  • Offer Practical Help
    It can also be a great help when you offer a kind of help that is very practical for them and their family. For instance, you can offer to bring them some chicken soup. However, ensure that your help is something that you also do on normal occasions. This way, they will not feel like they’re a burden to you for doing something out of your comfort zone.

At Divine Hospice and Palliative Care, we recognize how difficult an ordeal this must be. For this, we provide Palliative Care in Yorkville, Illinois so your friend can be in their best condition to make the most of their time with their loved ones.

If you’re interested in these services, inquire from us today!

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